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Avoid government surveillance by going online via a VPN

Avoid government surveillance by going online via a VPN

The best online anonymity VPN

Last month, it was reported that US Republican Representative Mike Pompeo will be heading the Central Intelligence Agency while Republican Senator Jeff Sessions is to be appointed US attorney general under the Donald Trump administration. With the appointees both having a pro-surveillance stance, government spying in the US is expected to become more powerful as soon as Trump assumes office.

The UK government is also poised to heighten its online surveillance efforts. With the recent passing of the Investigatory Powers Act of 2016, also known as the Snooper’s charter, the UK police force will be given more powers to surveil and download all information from users’ phones and computers.

Both of these developments mean that Internet users are at a higher risk of their online anonymity becoming compromised. If you’re one of those Internet users who are very concerned about protecting their online privacy and anonymity, you may want to install a virtual private network (VPN) on your device.

A VPN has a number of features that help you stay private and anonymous while surfing the web, and the best online anonymity VPN that you can download for free is Hotspot Shield VPN.

Download the best online anonymity VPN today

Hotspot Shield, the best online anonymity VPN

Avoiding surveillance, whether by government entities or by cyber criminals, is easier with Hotspot Shield VPN, the best online anonymity VPN that you can download for free. Hotspot Shield uses advanced encryption technology to keep your browsing sessions secure from snoopers and spies, protecting your information from being monitored or intercepted while in transit.

Hotspot Shield also keeps you anonymous online by hiding your actual IP address and temporarily replacing it with an IP address from another locaation. This feature enables you to visit your favorite websites and view any type of content without leaving any trace.

Additionally, because you appear to be surfing from a certain virtual location, all content restricted to that location is unlocked, providing you with more ways to consume content. This also lets you bypass restrictions set by your local network administrator.

Some surveillance techniques begin with malware attacks. Hotspot Shield protects you from these attacks by warning you if the link that you’re trying to visit is infected with malware. This is made possible by Hotspot Shield VPN’s database of more than 3.5 million websites that are known to be infected. Once you are warned, Hotspot Shield then blocks the infected links, preventing access to them.

Best of all, these security and anonymity features can be enjoyed at no cost and is available to the most commonly used operating systems today; Hotspot Shield is compatible with Windows, Android, OSX and iOS devices, and can also be downloaded as a browser extension for Chrome or a plug-in for Firefox.

Don’t let unauthorized online surveillance worry you. Download the best online anonymity VPN now and enjoy better online anonymity and security for free!

Aside from these, Hotspot Shield also has other features that allow you to enjoy your online sessions better. To find out more about them, visit the Hotspot Shield website and check out some of our other blogs!

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