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App store price hike: Enjoy discounts with a VPN

App store price hike: Enjoy discounts with a VPN

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Because of various changes in foreign exchange rates and tax policies, Apple users in the UK, Turkey, India, Russia and Romania are now paying more for apps, music, books and other products found in their local Apple app stores.

In the UK, due to the decline of the British pound following last year’s Brexit, app prices have been adjusted to match app prices in the US app store numerically, which means that an app that costs $0.99 in the US now costs £0.99 in the UK, a 25 percent increase from £0.79 before the price hike. Higher price tiers have also been affected, with apps priced at £1.49 and £7.99 now costing £1.99 and £9.99, respectively.

In Turkey, an app priced at $0.99 in the US will now cost 3.49 for users in the country, an increase of 30 percent from 2.69 before the hike. The price increase is associated with the continuous depreciation of the Turkish lira, which began its decline as the country reeled from the July coup last year.

For users in India, customers are paying 33 percent more for apps. Because of the recent introduction of new service tax provisions and levies of 0.5 implemented in December last year, an app that costs $0.99 in the US resulted in a jump from 60 rupees to 80 rupees.

Apple app prices in Romania and Russia also saw small increases as taxes increased from 18 to 19 percent for Romanians, while Russians got a value-added tax of 18 percent.

Apple users in these countries have no choice but to pay more if they ever decide to buy more apps. There is one effective solution for this, though. If you’re an Apple user residing in these territories and want to avoid paying more for Apple apps, music and books, the best way to go around this is by using an anonymity VPN such as Hotspot Shield.

Why use Hotspot Shield anonymity VPN

Hotspot Shield is a free download anonymity VPN that allows you to enjoy better pricing options when buying products from the Apple app store and other online shopping sites. One of the main features of Hotspot Shield is its IP address masking capabilities, which provide users with access to different virtual locations all over the world.

Access to a US IP address, for example, enables you to surf online as if you’re in the US. By temporarily replacing your IP address, Hotspot Shield lets you access the Apple store of another country, which in turn opens up better pricing options. This also lets you access to content, media and games that are currently not supported in your region.

To install Hotspot Shield, visit our downloads page. For instructions on changing your country in the app store, read this blog post. Learn more about the other features of Hotspot Shield by visiting this page.

Don’t pay more than what you need for apps on the App store! Download Hotspot Shield anonymity VPN today to enjoy discounts and better pricing options!

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