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AnchorFree, maker of Hotspot Shield presents its latest app: Kaboom

AnchorFree, maker of Hotspot Shield presents its latest app: Kaboom


We are super excited to announce the release of AnchorFree’s new app, Kaboom. In addition to its online security and privacy solution Hotspot Shield, the most trusted VPN app with over 300 million downloads, AnchorFree has branched into secure communications! With Kaboom, you will never again need to worry about your online messaging footprint.

What is Kaboom?

Kaboom is the fast, simple and fun way to share disappearing photos and messages with anyone!

“Kaboom is meant for anyone who wants to have full control over the information they share with friends through text messages or social networks. Kaboom allows that information to disappear and not be persistent, enabling users to be more open and easy going when sharing online,” said David Gorodyansky, AnchorFree CEO and founder.

Capture your moment, set an expiration and share it with your friends. You can post your self-destructing message on social media or share it using your favorite messaging platform. Kaboom makes it easy to share with the following in-app options: SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Direct Linking.

Every day, billions of photos and messages are being shared online to exist through infinity. Kaboom gives you full control over what you share online—where you share it and how long it lives.

Some fun things you can do with Kaboom:

  • Share a photo on Facebook or Twitter and make it disappear. Set photos to disappear after a period of time in minutes, hours or days, or after a number of views.
  • Start a private conversation with a friend on Kaboom. The big difference from other messaging apps is that your conversation is set to expire and will be erased.
  • Get a secret group chat started with your friends and make it disappear for everyone in the group after the conversation is over.
  • Send a photo to your friends via SMS or Email, and make it disappear after they view it once.

Do my friends need the Kaboom app?

What’s great about Kaboom is that your friends don’t need the Kaboom app to view Kaboom messages you send to them. They will need to install it if they want to comment on Kaboom messages.

What about security and privacy?

All messages are delivered by the application via a secure HTTPS web link. And all expired messages and images are immediately deleted from Kaboom servers.

My friend’s message is gone. Is it forever?

Yes, it’s gone forever. Once a Kaboom message expires, you, your friend and anyone else who received it can’t view it again. So no more worries, nothing you shared via Kaboom will ever remain on the web.

Get your free download now!

Kaboom is available on iPhone and Android. Click below to start sending self-destructing messages to anyone!KABOOM - FREE DOWNLOAD button (Rev#1)

Get started with Kaboom by visiting the help center, and don’t forget to let us know your feedback in the comments.

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