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7 Effective Ways To Give Your Internet Connection A Boost

7 Effective Ways To Give Your Internet Connection A Boost

Are you experiencing a noticeably slower internet connection? There are actually several ways to explain. It could be issues with your device, certain applications or software, a problem with your router, or it could be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling your bandwidth.

Whatever the cause, everyone can agree that faster is always better when it comes to internet speeds. With that said, here are the most effective (and easiest) ways you can boost your connection.

  • Proper router positioning is key.

Your router should be at the center of the house, and you need to put it as high up as your space allows. This enables you to get the best possible signal. It’s also important that you place it as far away from walls as you can, as they can obstruct your Wi-Fi.

  • Remove objects that may be interfering with your connection.

Microwave ovens and cordless phones can also interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, so don’t place your router near them. Aside from household appliances, objects made of high-density material such as steel or concrete also block your signal.

  • Connect your router to a 5GHz network.

Usually, wireless devices are connected to a 2.4GHz band, thus overcrowding the network. However, the great thing is that most routers today are capable of connecting to both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz. So go to your router’s admin page and select the 5.GHz network. You’ll see the difference in speed right away.

  • Use the right wireless channel

You and your neighbors’ Wi-Fi signals can end up being on the same wireless channel, leading to network congestion and ultimately resulting in a slow internet connection. You can remedy this by using applications such as Wi-Fi Analyzer or Wi-Fi Stumbler to find a channel in your area that has the least traffic.

  • Download a VPN.

Throttling can considerably decrease your internet connection speed, and using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great way to bypass that. VPNs encrypt your online traffic, thereby hiding your data from your ISP. This prevents them from throttling your bandwidth.

 7 Effective Ways To Give Your Internet Connection A Boost

  • Turn your old router into a repeater.

Don’t throw away your old router. Use it to boost your Wi-Fi signal by turning into a repeater. Check whether the old router has a repeater function built on or if it needs manual configuration by checking on your router’s admin page. If it’s the latter, check DD-WRT or OpenWRT (free router firmware) to see if your old router can function as a repeater. Step-by-step instructions are available online, and it’s a relatively easy process.

  • Make sure that your device’s performance is up to par.

Sometimes, the device that you’re using can be the root cause of your slow connection. Maximize your device’s performance by doing the following:

  • Decrease bandwidth usage by eliminating background activity such as unimportant applications.
  • Increase your device’s protection and performance by scanning for and removing adware, spyware, malware, and other harmful software.
  • Free your device of space by deleting unnecessary data such as your browser’s cache and cookies. You can also delete files or programs that you don’t use.

Follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll see a considerable improvement in your internet speed.

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