biometrics - Definition from the Hotspot Shield Glossary

In computing, Biometrics concerns a level of security that is implemented using a person’s biological features such as fingerprints, retina, written signature, voice and face. This level of security is extremely hard to forge and undermine as the physical characteristics or biometrics that are used for authentication are generally personal to each individual and virtually impossible to replicate. Different forms of Biometric security include: fingerprint scanning - Scanning a person’s fingerprint to ensure it matches with a fingerprint record stored in data archives. Retina scanning - Scanning a person’s eye to ensure the makeup and detail match records. Facial recognition - Scanning a person’s face and tracking certain details like shape and bone structure. While the field of Biometrics is still being developed and has not seen much implementation, it is believe to be the way forward in terms of authentication and security for the web.

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