2013 Bengali blog blackout - Definition from the Hotspot Shield Glossary

In 2013, all blogs in the Bengali language were blacked out as a major protest against the arrest of Moshiur Biplob, Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, Asif Mohiuddin and Rasel Parvez - Four Bangladeshi bloggers. After a campaign instigated by a fundamentalist group to defame and discredit freethinking bloggers, the Bangladesh government started monitoring blog activity and routing out and content they felt to be anti-religious.

The most notable incident of this process of monitoring was the arrest of the four bloggers mentioned above. This in turn led to many bloggers showing their respect and solidarity by taking part in the blackout and using the Hashtag #MuzzleMeNot on social media outlets. The blackout lasted for approximately 96 hours.

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